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  • Why IV hydration therapy?
    IV hydration therapy has numerous benefits including enhancing overall health, replacing essential nutrients, boosting energy levels, strengthening immunity, recovery from illness or hangover, and promoting healthy beauty.
  • Who administers IV drips?
    A certified, trained, and experienced Nurse Practitioner or Registered nurse will provide treatment at your convenience.
  • Who can receive IV Therapy?
    Anyone can receive IV therapy as long as there is no contraindication, or allergy to the ingredients. Treatment is based on the individual need of each patient. One size does not fit all.
  • Who Needs Medical Clearance?
    Anyone currently treated by a cardiologist, nephrologist, oncologist, or under care for a health issue may need medical clearance from your provider prior to receiving IV hydration. Medical Clearance Form, Oncology Clearance Form or Pregnancy Clearance Form.
  • Who needs labs prior to getting IV hydration?
    Labs may be required if services are routine. This will vary from patient to patient. However, there are special considerations for clients 65 and older. A recent Basic Metabolic Panel.
  • What is IV Therapy?
    IV therapy delivers fluid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and nutrients directly into the bloodstream via the venous system thereby bypassing the digestive system which promotes maximum absorption. It increases effectiveness.
  • What is the Enliven IV process?
    Pick your product Complete forms Pick date Telemed visit with a medical professional We provide concierge service at a location of your choice Vital signs IV insertion Start IV.
  • What group discounts do you offer?
    Group discounts apply with 4+ people and range from 10%-15% based on the number of people. Can’t be combined with other discounts.
  • What packages do you offer?
    Buy 3 IV drips and get 1 Add on free ($30 value). Buy 5 IV drips get $50 off the 6th drip.
  • Where?
    At your convenience. A highly trained medical professional delivers service at the time and location of your choice- your home, office, event, school, or party.
  • How long does a hydration session last?
    Duration of treatment varies from person to person, amount of fluid and ingredients in the drip. An average session is between 60 to 90 minutes.
  • How frequently is a TeleMed Consult performed?
    TeleMed consult is performed during the first visit and annually after that. It could also be sooner if there are change with your medical history.
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Medical Disclaimer

Enliven IV Hydration and Wellness products are not designed to prevent, treat, cure, or diagnose any illness. Results from therapies are not assured. IV Hydration services have not been assessed by the FDA. Consult your physician before beginning any IV therapy program to confirm its suitability for you. Therapy references are solely for informational purposes and should not be considered medical advice. By engaging with Enliven IV Hydration and Wellness, you acknowledge this and do not expect such services.

Individuals with known congestive heart failure, renal failure, liver disease, or G6PD deficiency should exercise caution. It is crucial to honestly disclose all health conditions on your medical health questionnaire before your initial treatment; all provided information remains confidential.

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